BIAZZI High Performance Reactor

BIAZZI’s High Performance Reactor was developed with the objective of overcoming the significant limitations of hydrogenation and other gas-liquid processes. The primary focus of this development was to yield products of exceptional quality in an economic and safe operational environment.

Key Characteristics

  • Heat exchanger plates with high heat-transferring surface enabling an efficient reaction heat removal. This intensified system allows to significantly increase the heat transfer coefficient compared to conventional systems and also to install a high surface area directly inside the reactor allowing a very accurate temperature control.
  • An agitation unit with a powerful gas dispersion and high gas recirculation that ensures an efficient mass transfer between the different phases of the reaction.
  • A dry magnetic drive that permits a full confinement of hydrogen and other gases. This drive does not use any mechanical seals reducing the maintenance costs and frequency.

Key Advantages

  • Optimal heat and mass transfer that lead to shorter reaction times, lower catalyst consumption and enhanced product quality. 
  • Less maintenance thanks to the magnetic drive sealing.
  • Reduced time to market thanks to BIAZZI’s scale-up abilities directly from lab to any industrial scale.
  • Highest safety standards.