Nitration Technology Licenses

The first process developed by BIAZZI in 1936 was for the nitration of glycerine. BIAZZI rapidly diversified its portfolio to the nitration of aromatic compounds. These processes were developed, optimized and successfully scaled-up during the past 70+ years to the full satisfaction of our worldwide Customers

Dinitrotoluene (DNT)

Dinitrotoluene (DNT) is one of the main building blocks in the production of polyurethanes foams and many other polymer and plastic applications.

The BIAZZI process and proprietary equipment allows DNT producers to obtain high quality product under safe and economic conditions.

Additionally, BIAZZI also proposes a full package that includes the hydrogenation of DNT into Toluenediamine (TDA) and the treatment of the waste water generated during production.

Dinitrobenzene (DNB)

Dinitrobenzene (DNB) is key precursor in chemical synthesis for a wide range of chemicals such a dyes, pharmaceuticals and polymers. BIAZZI has recently developed a new process enabling a smooth, reliable and safe production of DNB including the waste water treatment. 

2-Ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN)

2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate is commonly used as a cetane number improver in diesel fuels. This additive enhances the ignition quality of diesel, leading to improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions. BIAZZI proposes a robust process for EHN production.

Other Process Licensing

BIAZZI continuously works on developing innovative nitration processes. For further details on other nitration process of your interest, please reach out to us through our contact form.