Energetic materials

Explosive Technology Licenses

BIAZZI successfully designed its first continuous nitroglycerine plant in the 1930s. Since then, BIAZZI has extended its portfolio, developing and optimizing several processes to produce explosives in the safest and most efficient way.


Nitroglycerine is mainly used for the preparation of dynamite and propellants, but is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. BIAZZI continuously improves these processes to deliver its Customers a state-of-the-art plant in terms of efficiency, safety and automatization. These plants can continuously produce large quantities of nitroglycerine with only a limited human presence inside the production building.

Nitroesters (DEGDN, PGDN, TMETN, TEGDN, BTTN) and co-nitrates

BIAZZI proposes to its Customers a wide range of nitroesters. BIAZZI provides multipurpose plants able to produce NG, EGDN, DEGDN, PGDN, TMETN, TEGDN, BTTN and their co-nitrates .

All these processes were developed and optimized to obtain a safe process with respect to each nitroester and its corresponding spent acid stability as well as effluents while keeping in mind the economics.

Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN)

PETN is an explosive used in military as well as in civil applications. Its high friction and impact sensitivity render its manufacturing challenging. The BIAZZI process addresses these issues and further provides for an efficient and economic plant operation. The continuous re-crystallization of PETN is reputed for its high crystal quality and is the most economic approach to recrystallization. BIAZZI masters both, the continuous as well as the batch re-crystallization of PETN.

RDX Type I (direct nitration) 

RDX can be produced by two processes. RDX Type I is produced by direct nitration with nitric acid. The obtained product is an almost pure RDX. The production requires a significant amount of know-how as it involves a violent decomposition step. BIAZZI is mastering this process already for decades and has several reference plants. The same plant used for the production of RDX Type I can be adapted to produce PETN. 

HMX & RDX Type II (Bachmann process)

Production of HMX and RDX Type II uses the acetic anhydride route. The BIAZZI process is therefore an improved Bachmann process in batch and is optimized for a robust and safe production.