Energetic materials

Explosives Downstream Processing

BIAZZI is mainly renowned for its superior design of production plants for energetic materials, but explosives downstream processing is also part of the BIAZZI portfolio.

Detonating cord

Detonating cords are widely used in the mining industry to detonate explosive charges in quarries. Detonating cords are in general made of PETN captured in several layers of yarn and a coating such as PVC. Production of these detonating cords is challenging as it involves the use of rotating or hot machinery in the presence of a sensitive explosives. BIAZZI has recently totally redesigned its spinning machines to provide its Customers a state-of-the-art process to produce detonating cords, while limiting the needs of operator presence.

BIAZZI can also deliver spinning machines for safety fuse production (see picture above).

Dynamite production

BIAZZI masters not only the know-how for the manufacturing of NG and EGDN but also provides numerous solutions for their mixing to dynamite and their packaging into selling units. Packing can be into plastic hoses to form sausage like shapes, waxed paper and prefabricated plastic pipes. All mixers, bowls, conveyors, extruders, shapers, wrappers, cartridging machines, etc. are produced by BIAZZI and are developed for their particular pyrotechnic applications.

NC-NG mixing units

NC/NG mixes are used in a wide variety of propellants. High density NG mixes with low NC content are used to ship large quantities of NG by road transport between manufacturing sites in a gelatinized form. These mixes can be obtained not only by using NG but with basically any plasticizing explosive such as DEGDN and others. As with all BIAZZI equipment, the mixing equipment is designed and produced by BIAZZI and tailored for use in pyrotechnic applications.